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Turkish Citizenship

It is possible for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, if they meet certain conditions specified in the relevant laws. Finally, with the amendment made in 2022. It is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship citizenship exceptionally for foreigners who purchased real estate worth at least 400,000 USD. Provided that it was not sold for three years in the title deed records. In determining that the purchased real estate is worth 400,000 USD, it is required that the relevant consultancy firms have been granted a Real Estate Appraisal Authority by the CMB (Capital Markets Board). You can find all the details about the process of acquiring buying property in turkey and citizenship in this article.

If you are a foreign national, we recommend that you contact us for a real estate valuation report for citizenship or for your real estate purchase transactions. Our expert staff and wide real estate portfolio are happily to assist you to buy house in turkey to get citizenship. In the continuation of our article, you can find the necessary information if you are curious about the process of gaining Turkish citizenship property.


Turkey is a country surrounded by seas on three sides and famous for the hospitality of its inhabitants. Each city is famous for its unique and delicious food. There are many ways you can turn your investments into profits. Since it is a peaceful and comfortable country, it has many beneficial aspects for its inhabitants. Each region contains unique museums and residential areas that you can visit. Enjoy the Turkish natural beauties, the opportunity of Turkish real estate citizenship and a life full of happiness with clear seas, nature and delicious traditional food.

Last year, foreign investors purchased 58,576 houses and 25,000 investors applied Turkish citizenship. Over the years, the country has become the home of real estate investors, with increasing value. With their dedicated employees and perfectionist business disciplines, real estate companies offer foreign investors the best opportunities and pre and post-sales assistance. To buy property in Turkey and get citizenship, the investment amount must be $250,000 or more. Having Turkish citizenship offers you many advantages! Most importantly, it gives you the legal right to work or be your own boss, rather than just being a home owner.

Foreign nationals can acquire Turkish citizenship real estate. For example, a villa for sale in Alanya. Thus, the opportunity for a more comfortable life in Turkey is waiting for you. The right to acquire Turkish citizenship by purchasing a house introduced to foreigner with the law dated 18.09.2018. For payment purposes, you must have an account with Turkish banks and you should do all money transfers through Turkish banks. After the transfer takes place, you can buy property in Turkey and get residency applications to the state offices through a notary public and wait for the decision stage. This process usually takes three to six months. When you have Turkish citizenship, your family will have the opportunity to gain this right. The administration of the Republic of Turkey offers you the opportunity to live with your family.


Anyone with Turkey property investment citizenship can start a new life in the country of Turkey. You can have the opportunities such as owning your own business, trading with many countries with import and export ports. There is a customs union agreement between Turkey and European countries and it provides great advantages when you have your own business. At the same time, Turkish hospitals and schools provide a lifetime of free service to you and your family in this way. Turkish passport holders can travel to 148 countries and 111 countries with or without a visa. Visa-free countries include Asian and South American countries such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With the economic development of Turkey, these countries are increasing in number.

Turkey allows dual citizenship. So you don’t have to renounce your home country citizenship. When you get turkey residency by buying property, you can perform your visa procedures with an online search. All your documents will be sent to you via e-mail.
The privilege of having a Turkish passport lasts for 10 years, after which you can renew your passport. There is no need for a work permit when you have a passport. Thus, you can provide a job application to the company you want.

When applying for Turkish citizenship with the house you bought, all your children under the age of 18 will have the right to apply with you. With retirement, all your social security rights are guaranteed.
There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of them is giving birth in the country, marriage with an individual who is a Turkish citizen etc. But the fastest method and the most advantageous way is to invest in real estate.
To know more about real estate markets and citizenship in Turkey, please contact us via Mek Real Estate website!

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