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About Balıkesir

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Balikesir is one of the most crowded cities of Turkey. It has a coast to Marmara and Aegean seas. Located in the northwest of Turkey, the city is home to the Ayvalik and Cunda islands, two of Turkey’s most popular districts. Read on to get more information about Balıkesir.

About Balıkesir in Turkey

There are many towns around Balıkesir with historical ruins established in natural beauties. Edremit and Altınoluk, which ranks second in the world in terms of oxygen density, are some of these beautiful regions. Ayvalık district, which is located in olive groves, is worth seeing with its beautiful beaches, small islands opposite it, and Sarımsaklı Peninsula and Cunda (Alibey) Island, famous for its historical ruins, with its authentic features.

Culture and Tourism

About Balıkesir

Balıkesir is a city that has been captivating visitors for a long time with its small towns and many nature images. It has sandy beaches stretching for kilometers along the Aegean and Marmara coasts. In addition, the dazzling blue sea gracefully covers the region. This city resembles a paradise with the harmony of its sea and forests.

Gönen, which is 30 km away from Bandırma. It is a recreation center with healing hot springs. Health in the region has been caring for various diseases since the most ancient times. The thermal water is drawn from a depth of 534 meters at a temperature of 82 degrees C. In addition, Pamukçu and Kepekler Thermal waters are also used to eliminate various ailments.

Climate of Balıkesir

In Balıkesir, the Mediterranean climate prevails. In addition, the effect of the Black Sea and Continental climate is also seen throughout the province. On the Aegean coast, summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and often rainy. On the Marmara coast, summers are cool due to the Black Sea climate.

Things to Do

Balıkesir is a real tourism paradise with its historical, cultural, and natural beauties that contain the most islands of Turkey that coast to the Marmara and Aegean Seas.

This is one of the first places where tourism starts in the country with its bays surrounded by green olive groves and small islands. It is possible to see dozens of cologne stores under different brands at many points in the city. This place has a rich culinary culture due to its geographical conditions. And the fact that it hosts various ethnic groups in its geography.

There are so many activities you can do in this city. You can swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach. You can go to the hot springs, and see the historical places. And you can shop as you wish and drink your coffee in the cafes. Many alternatives can be made in a tourist city here.

About Balıkesir: Trade

There are 8 chambers of commerce, 1 chamber of industry, and 5 commodity exchanges here. Most of the products produced are consumed domestically. The remaining part is exported from Bandırma Port. Agriculture here is highly developed. Agricultural products are traded a lot. It has natural resources rich in minerals. There are many mines, especially Boron, Marble, and Coal. In addition, it is a great center of attraction in terms of investments. It is a city where social peace is experienced at a high level.

It is among the most peaceful provinces of Turkey. And it is easy to reach many market areas from Balıkesir.  Its workforce is at a level that can meet employment.

Real Estate in Balıkesir

About Balıkesir

For those who want to buy real estate in Balıkesir, MEK real estate offers affordable houses in the most beautiful places. This is a great place to live your life. Life possibilities are quite good. You will not have any problems for your health and food needs. Besides, you feel as if you are living in a holiday town. This unique area, where tourists and other locals come and vacation once or twice a year, becomes your main living space.

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