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About Mugla

Posted by MEK on 16 December 2022

Mugla district is surrounded by Aydın in the north, Denizli and Burdur. In the northeast, Antalya in the east, the Mediterranean Sea. In the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. Mugla is the province with the longest coastline in our country. With its sea coasts of just over 1100 km in total length.


Muğla city center, which is one of the oldest cities of Caria region. -It is mentioned as “Mobolia” in old records-. In 3400 BC, a tribe with a leader named “Kar” was settled. The region, which came under the domination of the Dorians in 1000 BC. Joined the Roman union of Pergamon after 228 BC. Also it became a Roman province in 133 BC.

All along that, the capture of Muğla by the Turks was carried out by Menteşe Bey, one of the extreme lords, in 1284. After this date, the region began to be called “Menteşe”. The region, which was joined to the Ottoman lands by Yıldırım Beyazıt in 1391.

Came under the rule of Timur in 1402 and was given to the Menteşe Principality by Timur, II. During the Murat period, it became a part of the Ottoman Empire again. In 1811, Saruhan, İzmir and Menteşe Sanjaks were taken from Kütahya. After that it connected to Aydın Province. Menteşe Sanjak, which consisted of 5 districts, 3 sub-districts and 329 villages in 1884, was separated from Aydın province on 30 October 1913. Therefore it became a province and took the name Muğla. It is said that the name Muğla comes from “Muğlu” Bey. He is one of the commanders of the Seljuk Sultan Kılıçarslan.

Climate of Mugla

Muğla province is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate. 800 meters In the areas up to the height of the “Actual Mediterranean Climate”. In the higher areas “Mediterranean Mountain Climate” is felt. Maximum-minimum temperature values, humidity, precipitation amount and prevailing wind directions vary according to local geographical conditions. Muğla, which receives more than 1,000 mm of precipitation per square meter, is one of the richest provinces in Turkey in terms of forest rate. However, the majority of precipitation falls during the winter season and summer drought is evident

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