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About Gokceada (Gökçeada)

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Gokceada (Gökçeada) is the largest island and the westernmost point of Turkey. It is located in the North Aegean region. The island, which was known as Imroz (Imbros) until the Greek-Turkish tension in the 1970s, was named Gokceada with the law enacted from this date. As one of the two Turkish islands in the North Aegean, Gokceada, together with Bozcaada, has strategic importance in terms of the security of the Dardanelles Strait.

Gokceada is located within the borders of Çanakkale province. It consists of 10 villages excluding the district center. Although the transportation to Gokceada is provided only by sea. There is also a civil airport. It was put into operation only in the summer months in the past years.

History of Gokceada

The district, whose ancient name was Imbros was renamed Gökçeada in 1970. It is the largest island of Turkey. The length of the coastline is about 95 km. There are 5 ponds on the island. It is the fourth island in the world in terms of the abundance of water resources. The geographical structure of the island is quite different from the surrounding islands.

After the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Gökçeada joined the lands of the Ottoman Empire in 1455. After the 1912 Balkan War, the island passed under the control of Greece. In 1923, after the Treaty of Lausanne, it was again connected to Turkey.

Although the Ottoman architectural works in Gökçeada remained under the Ottoman rule for about 500 years. The Ottoman works that we encountered in Gökçeada are very few. In the studies, it has been determined only 1 mosque, 4 laundry rooms, 1 fountain, and 1 tombstone are left. The only Ottoman Mosque on the island is today’s Merkez Mosque. It is located in the Çınarlı District. When the inscriptions are examined. It is understood that they were built during the Ottoman Period. It is located in Çınarlı, Fatih, and Yeni neighborhoods.

Organic Agriculture

Gökçeada, which contains all the alternatives of natural life, is known for its fertile lands. With its clean air, the productivity of vegetables and fruits is at a high level. Due to its distance from the mainland, it is very suitable for organic agriculture. Thanks to its distance from industry and all kinds of environmental pollution. Gökçeada has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent years in terms of organic agriculture and it is a region where organic agriculture incentives are given by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Things to Do in Gokceada

Greek Villages are among the historical and cultural riches of the island. They are the most important cultural treasures that attract attention with their sometimes nostalgic and sometimes sad appearances. Although Dereköy, Zeytinliköy, Tepeköy, Eski Bademli, and Kaleköy draw attention with their abandoned houses. As well as their architectural structures that reflect the lifestyle they live in. Walking around the narrow streets of these villages is a delight. While the old coffee houses in the villages were kept open only in the summer months in the previous years. It is now possible to find open coffees in the winter months. If you are lucky, you can drink dibek coffee and taste delicious milk desserts.

In terms of animal husbandry, Gökçeada is a region where small cattle breeding such as sheep and goats is continued more than in other Aegean region settlements. Hosting a species that went down in history as the Imroz sheep. Gökçeada has quite assertive venues in terms of goat frying and goat meat. Due to free livestock breeding. You can easily see our little friends on the roadside. Also, love them if you are lucky.

Although Gökçeada hotels and hostels have not yet reached a sufficient number. It is one of the rare places where the tourism season is full every year. Especially in the high season, July-August, it is very difficult to find a place if you have not made a reservation in advance. Gökçeada tourism has an understanding of tourism that increases in quality every year. With the number of boutique hotels and professional businesses increasing compared to previous years. The prices in Gökçeada are expected to become an agrotourism paradise. With the increase in the number of organic farming farms. They are at very reasonable levels compared to other holiday regions.

Real Estate in Gokceada

With its beautiful nature and sea, Gokceada is a place like heaven. Affordable homes and also the low-cost living standards are making it fanciful to live in. Beyond that with lots of different job and investment options, Gokceada might be the next place you want to live. If you need to learn more, Mek Real Estate is ready to help you. Please contact us to have more information.

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