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About Datca (Datça)

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Geographically located in the South-West Aegean, Datca is a district of Muğla province. These lands came under the rule of Menteşoğulları in 1282. It joined the Ottoman Empire in 1390 during the reign of Yıldırım Beyazıt. The peninsula was called the Reşadiye peninsula during the reign of Sultan Reşad. The first center of Datça is a district of Muğla Province. It was established in the Reşadiye district in the Republican era in 1928. In 1947, the district center was moved from Reşadiye to İskele Neighbourhood.

History of Datca

The history of the findings on the Datça peninsula dates back to 2000 BC. The first known local people are the Carians. Its brightest period was experienced during the Dorian period. They came to the region through Greece by going south through Thrace in 1000 BC.
Knidos became the center of the Dorian civilization. It came under the rule of Persians from Lydia. The peninsula contains a large number of archaeological remains. Also, it has harbored important civilizations throughout history. The most important of these is the ancient city of Knidos. There are 28 churches remainings from the recent period on the peninsula. These are proof that the region also has a mystical origin.

Things to do in Datca (Datça)

1- Enjoying the Sea at the Blue Flag Beaches:

Swimming and sunbathing on the blue flag beaches Hastaneönü, Kumluk and Taşlık. It is located in the center of Datça. There are many touristic businesses around these beaches. Those who come to Datça do not leave without having a romantic dinner at the tables set on the beach.

2- Daily Boat Tours and Yacht Excursions:

By participating in daily boat tours and yacht excursions, you can see the beautiful bays of the Mediterranean side of the peninsula. You will also see the coves and unique landscapes. It can only be reached by nature walks from the sea. You will have the opportunity to swim in the calmest and clearest seas.

3- Excursions to the Bays of Datca on the Mediterranean Side:

You can make these trips with your car or with the minibusses that run frequently. You can see it when you enjoy sitting in establishments such as tea gardens and restaurants along the beach.

4- Nature Walks, Cycling, Water and Wind Sports;

Datça is one of the most suitable places for sailing sports. Surfing and sailing courses are offered at the Summer School of the Municipality on Sevgi Yolu. It offers windsurfing and sailing courses in summer. Hiking is not made everywhere in the summer. But you can take your walks in the forested tracks in Datça in the early hours. There are also many interesting trails for cycling. Some accommodation facilities offer services in this regard. You will find trails intertwined with nature for walks in the early morning and evening hours on the walking paths near the hotel you are staying at.

5- Fishing Tours, Underwater Diving Sports, Amateur Fishing on the Beaches;

For those who are interested in underwater diving, there is great news. Diving courses and watching the beauty of coral reefs are possible for you in Datca. For this, some boats organize fish tours in Datça Harbor. Also, you can go to quiet, rocky places to fish from the shore as an amateur.

6- Knidos:

Swimming in Knidos, visiting the ruins… Also waiting for the evening to watch the incredible view of the sunset. Watching the sunset in Knidos is a very beautiful event. Also, it is a different experience to watch the moment with your loved ones and friends on the terraces and cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea.

7- Afternoon Excursions:

There are many places to visit and see in Datça. After swimming in the sea and sunbathing during the day, you should spend the afternoon visiting such places. Walking around the narrow stone streets of Old Datça, sitting in cafes, and watching the different atmosphere will make you happy. There are beautiful views and lights on these streets for photography enthusiasts.

Real Estate in Datca (Datça)

With its incredible nature, lots of activities, low-cost houses, and hospitable inhabitants Datça is a wonderful place where you can lead your life. Job options and also beneficial investment plans are also a plus. Do you want to learn more? Please, fill out the contact form and reach us to experience it.

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