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About Prince’s Islands: Kinaliada

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Kinaliada island is the closest island to Istanbul. This is why most of the island exiles were brought here during the Byzantine period. The most important of these exiles is Romanos Diogenes. It is rumored that his grave is right next to the present orphanage.

It is one of the most bare islands. The least trees are seen on this island. Its name (Kinali=With Henna) comes from the color of its soil. It is reddish under the influence of iron and copper mines. Its historical texture is also very poor. The only Armenian Church in the Islands is Surp Krikor Lusavorich. There is also the Greek Orthodox Christos Monastery at the place known as Manastır Hill. The island has almost become a small copy of Istanbul with concretization.


Kınalıada, one of the smallest of the Prince Islands, is also very close to Istanbul. The location of the region, whose old names were Proti and Akoni. Being close to the city caused it to be as an exile island in the Byzantine period.

There is Çınar Hill to the west and Teşvikiye Hill right next to it. The area where the Hristo Monastery is located is Hristo Hill.

Kınalıada known as the Armenian island in the 17th century. It found its place in the travel book of Tibir Simeon from Poland. The cultural structure in the region diversified. It is the result of the emigration with the ferry voyages. The presence of mosques and monasteries side by side. Also the abundance of mansions produced by Turkish architecture are the results of this situation. Unlike the other islands today, the Armenian community has an important share in the population.

The island, which had water and electricity shortages in the past, switched to electricity in 1946; It got water in 1981. Today, a population of 300 people in winter increases to 15 thousand in summer. In addition, Armenians continue to live the atmosphere they are accustomed to by renting a house, especially in the summer months.

Things to do in Kinaliada

With its rocky structure, Kınalıada is one of the unequal island of the Prince’s Islands. The beaches, historical monasteries and the beautiful food makes Kınalıada a paradise. You need to try this beautiful island’s atmosphere.

Real Estate in Kinaliada

Kınaliada, with its unequal features, beautiful beaches, incredible Kinaliada Hotels, is waiting for you to live this dream. For more information, you can contact us!

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