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About Bursa

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. However, it has an ancient history dating back to the 4000BC. Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city, is also highly developed in terms of technology. The most important thing you need to know about here is that this city is a very suitable city to live in. This big city, which is developing more and more every day, is home to many monuments and rich historical monuments.

Where is Bursa?

Bursa is a city with plenty of green areas. It is located in the southern region of Marmara. The city, which is located on the lower slopes of Uludağ, consists of 17 districts. It is also the main center of the Turkish automotive industry. However, it has a very strong food and textile industry. Thanks to the rich industrial sector it contains, employment opportunities in Bursa are very high.

About Bursa in Turkey

Bursa’s population increases a little more every year. This is because the city is developing and growing a little more every day. With its old buildings, mosques, and structures from the Ottoman period, this is one of the cities with the most comfortable and peaceful life in Turkey. It is also an important tourism center with its hot springs dating back to the Roman period. Winter tourism is also highly developed in this city. The famous ski resort Uludag, which receives thousands of visitors every year, is located in this city.

About Bursa: Weather and Climate

In Bursa, which has a Mediterranean climate, the summer months are hot and damp. The atmosphere of this city is ideal for those who are engaged in agriculture and farming. The coldest month is usually January. Rain is intermittently visible until April. For this reason, Bursa soil is very suitable for agriculture.

Things to Do

Bursa, which has a very rich history, is a wonderful place to visit and explore. In fact, the list of things to visit and do here is quite long. Here we will mention the main ones for you.

  • Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque): This is the largest mosque in Bursa. It is an early Ottoman architecture.
  • Central Markets: This place is located behind the Ulucami. It has an expanding Grand Bazaar. It contains two historic markets.
  • Tombs of Sultans Osman&Orhan: It was built for the founders of the Ottoman Empire. They are places of eternal rest.
  • Bursa City Museum: It is a museum where you can find many ethnic and cultural collections and ruins.
  • Bursa Citadel: It is one of the oldest architectures. Some fortifications are still standing.
  • Uludag: Regardless of the season, you can go here by cable car.
  • Muradiye Hudavendigar: This place was built by Murat II in 1424. It is the last imperial foundation.

Real Estate in Bursa

About Bursa

The most curious issue of those who research real estate in there is the region in which they will buy a house. However, every district of Bursa is ideal for living. The streets of this city contain a whole history. It takes a maximum of one hour to get from one end of the city to the other. Transportation is easy. Health, accommodation and job opportunities are quite good. If you want to buy real estate in there, you can buy the housing you want in the most luxurious and decent places here. We offer you a service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this.

We search and find the best workplaces, residences or lands of Bursa for you. And we offer the possibility of purchase at the most affordable price. You can contact us by filling out the form to get more information.

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