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About Fethiye

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Fethiye is one of the well-known districts of Muğla. Dalaman airport is 50 km away. It is located in the turquoise bays where the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey meet. Read on to get detailed information about Fethiye.

About Fethiye in Turkey

Fethiye is located above the old city of “Telmessos”, the ruins of which you can see and the theater in the city. Fethiye is popular for its tourism and amazing nature. The population of Fethiye is around 115.000. Besides, it gets a lot of visitors in the summer season. In one legend, “Telmessos” is described as the name of Apollo, the son of God. He falls in love with the daughter of King Agenor, the Phoenician king. He turns himself into a small dog. And he wins the love of the withdrawn, shy girl. Then he appears to be a handsome man and has a son named “Telmessos”, which means “Land of Light”.

Fethiye became part of the Persian Empire in 547BC. “Telmessos” joined the “Attic Delos Union” community founded in the 5th century BC. Later, the city left the union. It became an independent city, maintaining its relations with the union until the 4th century BC.

Location and Population of Dalyan

Many people wonder where Fethiye is. It is one of the areas that have been discovered as a holiday center, especially in recent years. However, this place attracts great attention. Fethiye is a district of Muğla Province of Turkey. It is located on the east coast of the city. It is known by many that it is usually located in the Aegean Region. However, in official records this is in the Mediterranean region.

In the northern part of Denizli province Çameli district is located. Seydikemer district is located in the east and Dalaman district is located in the northwest. However, you can easily reach the region by using different roads over different routes. At the same time, Fethiye is a district that fascinates everyone with its unique beaches and natural beauties along with its historical heritage.

Weather and Climate

Fethiye has a Mediterranean climate. Here you will have a summer with little wind and rainfall. So, their summer is mostly hot and humid. However, the hottest month here is August. The winter months are generally cool and mostly sunny. The rainiest months are January and February.

About Fethiye: Quality Life

Fethiye is located at the foot of the Menderes and Taurus mountains. However, this city is a commercial and port city. With its excellent climate and cheap life, this place is growing a little more every day. You can spend an afternoon shopping and coffee at Paspatur Old Town, located behind the main port.

The new streets built in Fethiye are shops, bars and boutiques. Take evening walks on a path lined with palm trees and bars. This road runs along the harbor as far as the seaside resort of Calis. If you like history, you can also explore places like the amphitheater, Lycian rock tombs and the Kayaköy ghost town here.

Things to Do

There are so many things you can do in this county. Here are some things you can do while you’re in Fethiye:

  • Oludeniz Beach: One of the most popular places in Fethiye is Oludeniz beach. With its flawless white sand, it is one of the most photographed areas in Turkey.
  • Gemiler Island: This beautiful island in Fethiye is 1 km long. The island, which is 400 meters wide, has a rich history. Thanks to the ruins and unique bays here, thousands of tourists come here every year.
  • Sovalye Island: It is a small island that does not have a very long road. It is the first of the twelve islands in the Gulf of Fethiye. If you are looking for a property by the sea, this place will be a great choice for you.
  • Butterfly Valley: You can get here by water taxi. It is a valley famous for its butterfly population that has never been spoiled in Turkey.
  • Ticklink trout at Yaka Park: This is a wonderful area for you to relax with waterfalls and birds sounds.
  • Fethiye Rock Tombs: It is within walking distance of the town. By going here, you can explore the ancient Lycian tombs.
  • Saklikent Canyon: The canyon, which is 300 meters deep, has a breathtaking beauty.
  • Captivating Tlos Ancient City: It is an ancient settlement from the ancient Lycians.
  • Kayakoy Ghost Village: It is one of the most important touristic places of Fethiye. Thousands of tourists come here every year. It could not escape being a center of attraction with its almost collapsing town appearance.

Real Estate in Fethiye

Recently, many people are researching to buy real estate in Fethiye. This place offers a very quality life to people with its climate and social life. Especially those who decide to come as tourists and buy a house here. The number of them is quite large.

Fethiye is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to buy real estate in Turkey. The ever-changing housing market has Turkish and foreign buyers. Therefore, it offers high liquidity for those who want to sell their home. In addition, the portfolio of villas and apartments for sale is quite spacious. This portfolio covers a wide range of options from houses that fit your budget to luxury villas. You can find the opportunity to buy a more suitable house here than in other regions in Turkey.

Do you want to own property in Turkey? Fethiye would be a great choice for you. You can take a look at our portfolio for real estate options in Fethiye. You can get information for home properties, neighborhood, location and everything else. Call us to find out about the Fethiye area in Turkey. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our contact page.

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