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About Prince’s Islands: Buyukada

Posted by MEK on 15 December 2022

Buyukada island is the largest of the Prince’s Islands. Its area is 5.4 square kilometers. Its distance to the Maltepe coast is 2300 meters. There are two hills in the Islands. One in the south and the other in the north. The hill in the south is Yucetepe, at an altitude of 203 meters. To the north is the Isa Hill. As understood from the travelogues and historical events. Buyukada has always been inhabited both in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

The population of Büyükada increased after the ferry started to operate the Islands. The population of the island is around 8 thousand today. However, the island is crowded in summer due to daily visits and summer residences.

Foreigners describing Büyükada in the middle of the 19th century describe the elegance and walks on the beach around the pier in the evening. A significant number of Ottoman intellectuals and writers shared the beauty and social atmosphere of Büyükada. In addition to the island people and non-Muslims, who were predominantly Greeks.

Things to do Buyukada

There are a lot of Buyukada attractions!
Büyükada is included in the Adalar district of Istanbul. It is the largest of this island team, also known as the Prince Islands. Buyukada, Istanbul’s beauty, is a place that is visited a lot.

Places You Can Visit

Here are the things we recommend you to do during your trip to Buyukada:

In Büyükada, a different atmosphere will welcome you as soon as you land at the pier. If you have planned your trip to Büyükada for a day. We recommend you to rent a bike from one of the cyclists in the square. Go on a tour of the island. This pleasant bike ride, accompanied by the picturesque views of the deep blue sea and the historical mansion, on the roads winding through the magnificent pine forests, is one of the best ways to discover Büyükada.

If you do not want to pedal. You can also cross this 15 km long track on foot or by carriage. You can take a short or long tour of Büyükada. With the phaetons departing from the pier square and going on a nostalgic journey.

One of the most visited places on Büyükada is Aya Yorgi Church. You should definitely visit this historical church during your trip to Büyükada. You have no choice but to walk to Aya Yorgi Church. It is located at the highest point of the island.

If it’s not a day trip to Büyükada; If you want to stay, you can choose any of the Büyükada hotels or pensions, have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and extend your sightseeing pleasure in Büyükada for a few days.

Real Estate in Buyukada

With its ancient structure, beautiful culture, authentic air, and historical building Buyukada is a great place to live. If you want to live in this dream, please contact us!

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